Sports, Remedial, Soft Tissue Injury - Integrated Massage and Bodywork

Kinesiology is a complimentary therapy using Traditional Eastern Techniques and Modern Chiropractic Theories. Muscles and fascia store a range of deep emotional memory. Muscle monitoring provides biofeedback to the therapist via the nervous system to provide unique personal information. Kinesiology bypasses your conscious thinking allowing blockages and other underlying factors to be cleared and balanced. Resolving deep subconscious barriers and patterns of behaviour will allow you to move forward with freedom and a renewed state of mind.

Through physical correction, sound vibration therapy, acupressure and flower remedies the body is allowed to restore balance. This will resolve any boundaries, fears or anxieties. You will then be able to move forward to create happiness in the areas of your personal and interpersonal life.

The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is a function of neurological processes. The nerves that originate from the spinal cord innovate the muscles. Without balance within the hormonal and nutritional systems, the muscles become either over facilitated (tight) or under facilitated (weak). Emotional stress is also held in the muscles; when we become overstressed from work and lifestyle, our major muscle groups weaken and become fatigued.

Kinesiology identifies the link between specific stressors and how they impact on major muscle groups. After the stress is identified, treatment will remove the stress and restore balance in the muscle. This will leave you with the feeling of lightness and clarity.

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